King Diamond:

Give Me Your Soul... Please (2007, Metal Blade/Massacre)

Deadly Lullabyes Live (2004, Metal Blade/Massacre)

The Puppet Master (2002, Metal Blade/Massacre)

Abigail II: The Revenge (2002, Metal Blade)

Shaolin Death Squad:

(2015, Do For It)

Five Deadly Venoms (2010, Do For It)

Intelligent Design (2006, Do For It)

Self-Titled (2004, Do For It)

Legacy of Disorder:

Last Man Standing (2012)

Self-Titled (2011)


Cultivation (2012)

Michael Harris:

Ego Decimation
Profile (Leviathan)

Distorted Views (Imminent Force)

Sketches from the Thought Chamber (Imminent Force)

Orchestrate (Lion)

Encyclopedia of
the Insane
(Imminent Force)

Agrat: Black Horror

Wompi: Feed the Critters Malarchy (Jukebox)

Citizen Lane: lovingspaceharmony

Jeff Taylor: Stella

Maylee Thomas:
Live at the Palace

Alligator Dave:
Gulf Coast Honky

Djugdish: Standards

Submerse: Demo '00

Bat Castle: Demo '03, Bat Out of Castle

Single Bullet Theory: Behind Eyes of Hatred (Crash)

Bentli: Locked Away (What You Need)

Brave Combo: Polka's Revenge

Immortal Dominion: Primortal

Dirt and Earthy Vibes: XY

Omid Afkhami:
Caspian Seashore

Post Human: Interference Patterns

Ink Dot Boy:
The Red Symphony

Do For It Records: Compilation 2008, 2010 (Shaolin Death Squad, Bat Castle, Post Human, Battle School Launchy, and Agrat)


Cormac's Ruined House

Xxtruncator: Demo '93


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